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Backup and restore

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Backup and restore

It would be great to have a portable backup and restore program. This way users could back up either their data or a full image of their hard drive and restore to a new hard drive or their original hard drive. It would need to create a bootable media for restore, and use a Windows PE or Linux boot engine. I've heard that their are some useful free apps for doing this. The app plus a user friendly tutorial would likely be a big hit.

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Great idea

I think this is a very good idea, since I keep my backup data on my portable hard drive anyways, however most backup programs are commercial products or freemium.

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Different Toolset

This is a different toolset than what we do. This would require a bootable linux to do a full backup... or at least a custom made backup app with support for shadow volume copy. And then a bootable linux or WinPE to do a restore. That's very different from what we do here.

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