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FileZilla: cloud ftp

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FileZilla: cloud ftp

I keep looking for a good cloud solution for ftp. FileZilla Portable is ALMOST ideal. You can simply copy it to your Google Drive or Dropbox, etc. and run it from any computer that you have that same cloud app installed. The only problem is that these settings appear to be loaded only once when the program is first loaded and then saved when the program is closed. If you leave the program open on one computer and then try to use it on another computer it gives an error saying that the program was not closed correctly last time it was used. This is also an issue where multiple coworkers are sharing the same filezilla on a shared google drive. It would be idea if the new sites were added "on the fly" opening and closing the settings file as needed. This way multiple users could easily share access to a number of sites without each person having to enter FTP details on their own machine...

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probably not so simple

I know many people try to run programs from cloud, but it should be also considered what is happening when someone is doing this.
The Program is not run somewhere in the cloud. Unless you have there a windows computer having all the resources to run a windows application. It will rather be kind of downloaded to local computer and since there are data files needed to operate, which might be in the data folder, but might also need to copy some data temporary to local drive. Data on local drive will be cleared on closing, this is what portable is about after all.
To achieve all perfect, Filezilla would have to be a real multiuser program, and to separate the users, it would have to work on a drive fully compatible with windows user rights system so nothing goes mixed up.
Have doubt that any of the standard cloud storage do have something like that to offer.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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