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Opera: different app id possible?

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Opera: different app id possible?

I use both Opera portable and Opera installed (the classic, non-Chromium version). Both appear in the task manager with process name "opera", so it is difficult for me to figure out which is which when I need to kill processes etc.
Is there any way I could change Opera Portable's id to something else, like "opera-portable"?
Thanks for any help

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You could rename the locally installed Opera to opera-installed.exe or something similar. It should run without issue and then not impact the portable one. It's unlikely to be affected by updates.

Note that you should switch to another browser. Opera Classic likely has security issues within that will never be patched at this point due to it being abandoned.

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Process Explorer Portable

Process Explorer Portable that is available on can be used to find the window which is related to certain process: right click on process->Window->Bring to front

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