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Winsp: Color of Saved Session in Logins Screen not shown

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Winsp: Color of Saved Session in Logins Screen not shown

Dear Supporter,

first a big thank you for the work you doing for portable apps, I used it several years without problem an also the update did not make any trouble.

I have now the problem that I upgrades Winscp.
After the upgrade no colour in the login Screen was shown on the session. I use the colour to provide the info if I use a test System or another. So the colour is very important to me.

First I though I could fix it in call the Edit dialogue an save the Setting again. then the colour was shown. But when I close Winscp and restart it everything was lost.

I could not find the function to search in a forum. So I add this new topic. Please give me a hint how to search the forum

I hope you can fix it.

Thanks for any help

Gord Caswell
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Can't duplicate

I can't duplicate this. Can you provide further details, such as the install path, whether you're launching from the platform or not, etc?

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