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Cubic Explorer - save settings

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Cubic Explorer - save settings

I have situation now that I bought new computer and I need to make fresh Win 7 install. Cubic explorer should have option to save all settings to one file. Then it would be easy to import old settings back after fresh install.

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It's already super-easy to copy the PortableApps application Folder and sub-Folders, together with their settings files, between hard drives, so you will have to explain your problem a bit more clearly.

The settings data for each app are contained in a single sub folder of the app and the number of settings files required is determined by where data has to be written to and from when the app runs and when it is shut down. - That, in turn, is determined by the design of the base application that has been 'converted' by PortableApps.

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adding more question to this topic

i cant find a way to tick layout in session tab, how do i save my layout especially view settings in session?
also is there no option to rename session? can only save as a new one then delete old one?

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Somebody here might know and

Somebody here might know and might be able to help, but we only really support the portability of our apps, we don't support the apps themselves.

I'd say you'd be better off asking on official forums or something like that, but since Cubic Explorer is abandonware and hasn't been updated in 10+ years there probably isn't such a place anymore.

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