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Can not start FireFox (50.0.x) from static mapped network share

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Can not start FireFox (50.0.x) from static mapped network share

In our environment (Microsoft Windows) it is not possible to start firefox (Version 50.0.x) from a static mapped network share. (same effect with UNC)

Is thsi a nown Issue? Is thsi a Problem with a Microsoft Security Update? I there a workaround?

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Hello bernh2016! I just

Hello bernh2016! I just joined the forum to let everyone know that I have this problem too!

I have Firefox Portable on a static mapped network share/drive, and everything was fine until version 50 came out. Once I updated to version 50, Firefox was no longer able to load any webpages. It would open the browser, but no pages would load. Luckily, I was able to install a version 49.x, and move my profile into that.

You are not alone in this bernh2016 Smile

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This bug is fixed in version 51

This was a known bug in Firefox 50. This is fixed in the latest released version 51.

For details about the issue, see:

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