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SharpDevelop 4 - Portable Visual Studio with full support

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SharpDevelop 4 - Portable Visual Studio with full support

Supported Programming Languages:

C# (Code Completion, Windows Forms Designer)
VB.NET (Code Completion, Windows Forms Designer)
Boo (Code Completion, Windows Forms Designer)
IronPython (Code Conversion, Windows Forms Designer, partial Code Completion)
IronRuby (Code Conversion, Windows Forms Designer)


Windows Forms
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Entity Framework (EF EDM Designer)

Developer Productivity:

Parallel build support for multi-core machines
NuGet and T4 support
Multi-framework targetting (.NET 4.0, as well as 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5)
Code Autoinsert More information
Starts from a USB memory stick (More information)
Read-only project support (More information)
Full MSBuild support

Quality Tools:

Integrated Debugger (including dynamic debugging features)
Code Analysis (FxCop)
Unit Testing (NUnit)
Code Coverage (PartCover)
Profiler (Roadmap)
Integrated Subversion support (TortoiseSVN)
Integrated Git support
StyleCop addin (More information)
Setup projects (WiX, More information)
SharpDevelop Reports .NET open-source reporting solution (More)
Parser-based code converter (Online Code Converter)
XML "code completion"
Documentation generation (Sandcastle, SHFB)
Reflector addin (More information)
Easy addin extensibility mechanism
SharpDevelop for Applications (SDA) allows you to host SharpDevelop in your applications (More information)
AvalonEdit WPF-based text editor is rehostable to add a programmer's editor to your applications (including code completion!)

Download it here, place it in your USB and you're ready:

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Thank you from the bottom of

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Wink

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Is this portable?

The MSI file linked to only allows me to install on my system drive, not on my thumb drive

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Because you are looking at a

Because you are looking at a request to make it portable, not a portable version.

Try this thread instead.

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hi there. thanks a lot for

hi there. thanks a lot for the effort you've been making. it helps a lot of people like me. I have a concern though.
I tried to DL from your link (Downloads for SharpDevelop 4.4 (Frameworks 2.0 to 4.5.1)), followed the instructions.
It installed successfully. However, when I loaded the app and attempt to create a vb project with a windows form....
it did not load the typical IDE with its Toolbox that allows one to put objects on a Vb form.

I was wondering if there is something I'm missing in terms of setup or configuration. How do I make the ToolBox visible?
I was expecting to see something similar to this...

Thanks much in advance for the reply!! Smile

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New Topic

As this is a request topic, please start a new topic in the Beta Testing forum for your build, rather than only providing a link off-site.

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The project is inactive

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