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Rambox - Email, Social Media and Messaging App

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Rambox - Email, Social Media and Messaging App

>> Name of the program: RAMBOX

>> Website for the program:

>> Description: Free, Open Source and Cross Platform messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one. Currently support over 89 webapps including Whatsapp, Telegram, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Hangouts, Skype, Outlook and lots more.

>> License: Free and Open Source Software

>> Anything else which might help:

Rambox gives you the possibility to add common services many times you need, all in one place. It's perfect for people who work with many services for business and private accounts. Sessions will persist using the partition:persist attribute for Webviews. So every time you open Rambox, your sessions will keep alive until you remove the service. Sync feature use Auth0 for Single Sign On & Token Based Authentication and to store the services that user is using (and the configuration for each service like Name, Align, Icon, etc).


+ Notifications - Displays notifications natively if the messaging service supports it.
+ Sync Services - If you use Rambox in different computers, you can synchronize your configuration.
+ Master Password - Ask for a password every time Rambox is opened.
+ Lock - You can lock Rambox if you will be away for a period of time.
+ Don't Disturb - Disable all sounds and notifications.
+ Add Custom Services - You can add any custom service of your choice.
+ Reorder and grouping - Reorder services in the tab bar and group into two groups (left and right).
+ Badges - Every time you have something new to check, you will see a badge in the tab of the service and in taskbar icon.
+ System Tray - Rambox always runs and can be accessed in the system tray.
+ Start automatically on system startup - You can configure to open Rambox automatically.
+ Custom Code Injection - You can add custom behaviours if you want.
+ Proxy - Configure Rambox to use a Proxy if your network blocks some services.

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I've created a portable version of Rambox and I'm testing it, and thus far it seems to work, how ever with the quirks of the beta software it is.
I would appreciate some other testers if there are any around. I'm not sure the test-version I've created is following all the relevant guides, recommendations and rules how ever. Any pointers would be awesome!
I'm also unsure about how to upload the file for others to use.
Best regards,

Gord Caswell
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Development Test

Start a new Development Test topic in the Beta Testing forum, following the Posting guidelines. The Launcher Manual should help you with many questions. Anything else, feel free to ask in the Portable App Development forum.

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Thanks for your reply!

OK, I've done what I think is all of the required steps.
Beta testing post here.
Test Release comment here.
I think I got the versioning correct, please correct me if I'm mistaken.

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Thanks adlib, I love Rambox

Thanks adlib, I love Rambox and it would be awesome to have it on my PortableApps 8)

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Rambox Portable 0.7.1

I've published latest release of Rambox Portable 0.7.1.

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