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Problems with downloading and installing updates

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Problems with downloading and installing updates

I almost can't download updates in the last few months.
Only sometimes it turns out anything you download and install.
Early in the morning, when in the West the night, the situation is better, but not by much.
However, I have high speed Internet.
Problems with other applications does not arise.
For example, the computer is also installed LiberKey. Its updates downloaded and installed without problems.
Ie is just not displaying with the package
I can't understand why.
Maybe there is a ban on the downloading of the programs from users in Russia?
Or, maybe there is too high load servers?
Please help me in resolving the difficulties. I have package and very accustomed to it.

John T. Haller
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SourceForge vs Direct

I think you may be connecting to an overloaded SourceForge mirror for your open source apps. Could you try to download both Firefox Portable (open source, hosted on SourceForge) and Opera Portable (closed source, hosted on the direct download server) to compare your download speeds. Note that Opera is 42MB while Firefox is 74MB so compare speed not download time.

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may be, other reason

No, no.. I approximately found the reason.
As we know, PortableApps Updater actually downloads from
I decided to download apps that I have not downloaded directly from And here I found the following. When I try to open browser to this website, I have opened tab Ie in the address bar of the browser is and when I open the properties tab I can see what it really is Apparently, the system has a Trojan masquerade address. It is not clear why this is necessary. Perhaps the author of the Trojan has a personal dislike for open source software.
Don't know what to do.

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