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Python is a programming language, but it needs this:
It is open-source, and free.
Can you guys make this a portable app? I really need this

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Better Join Forces with WinPython

The WinPython ( guys hold a great Python Distribution.
We better have some kind of collaboration with them (More over, they try to make their distribution portable as well).

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Portable Python

Hi Lawrence Smile

I don't know how new (latest release) your Python needs are but, if you can get by with an older version - and can (I think) still be downloaded... I should say that I downloaded both not too long ago - see here

Another option might be to find a Linux distro that is targeted at Python programming and run the distro live (bootable USB), you might get a bunch of additional tools as well... or you could install Linux in a VM, and make the VM your Python programming environment. Python is a big part of Linux so this option has the most options for a robust work flow I would think.

Just a bit of FYI.

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Python? It's my preferred

Python? It's my preferred programming language for getting things done efficiently. And the best part? It's open-source and completely free, which makes it even more awesome!

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