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Python is a programming language, but it needs this:
It is open-source, and free.
Can you guys make this a portable app? I really need this

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Better Join Forces with WinPython

The WinPython ( guys hold a great Python Distribution.
We better have some kind of collaboration with them (More over, they try to make their distribution portable as well).

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Portable Python

Hi Lawrence Smile

I don't know how new (latest release) your Python needs are but, if you can get by with an older version - and can (I think) still be downloaded... I should say that I downloaded both not too long ago - see here

Another option might be to find a Linux distro that is targeted at Python programming and run the distro live (bootable USB), you might get a bunch of additional tools as well... or you could install Linux in a VM, and make the VM your Python programming environment. Python is a big part of Linux so this option has the most options for a robust work flow I would think.

Just a bit of FYI.

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Python? It's my preferred

Python? It's my preferred programming language for getting things done efficiently. And the best part? It's open-source and completely free, which makes it even more awesome!

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I've been in your shoes

I've been in your shoes before, and PyInstaller is a fantastic tool. It lets you package up your Python scripts into standalone executables, and you're all set, no matter where life takes you. Oh, and if you're also interested in the e-commerce world, you should definitely try Magento or just Hire Magento 2 developer. It's a powerhouse for building online stores and maximizing your business potential.

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