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Skype update

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Skype update

Skype has an update, but sportable doesn't update.
Do i need to update skype directly?

John T. Haller
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Skype Classic

We currently only support Skype Classic which is at Microsoft has it set to tell you to update to Skype 8 which is an entirely different app and will lose all your settings, conversations, etc as you upgrade. We'll be launching a version of Skype 8 portably in the near future, but it will likely be a separate app since it shares nothing with Skype Classic other than your login.

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Any news here?

Any news here?

Does someone know, how long we still can use the old Version?

When there will be a new one based ok skype 8. Will it also be a portable one, that will work the Portable Apps Tool?

Regards Jacek

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Поддерживаю вопрос

Тоже очень жду решение по старому интерфейсу
Новый Skype очень не удобный

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Hang on to Portable / Classic v7

I disliked the new look, and especially functions, so went back to v7/Classic.
Found out that the new v8 doesn't save chat in main.db.
As stated, it's a whole 'nother product, with e.g. cloud save for chat, I suppose.

But Classic still syncs down latest 30 days, and as I fired it up now, I lost just a couple of days.
You can have both installed, though I'll hang on to v7 until v8 gets it right (if ever).
So if installing v8 (for the fun of it?), fire up the old v7 now and then to sync history down, and backup you main.db

(There is an export in v8 but it only exports the old db, and then in html-pages instead of csv, which was maybe rather nice.)

Michael Europe
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Are there any news about the

Are there any news about the new app, Skype 8 Portable ?

Thanks in advance.

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