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Linux MultiMedia Studio 64-bit?

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Linux MultiMedia Studio 64-bit?

Has anyone released a 64-bit portable apps launcher for the 64-bit version of Linux MultiMedia Studio ( The current 32-bit portable app works fine but I would like a version of portable LMMS in which I can use my 64-bit VST plugins.


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I'm looking for a portable 64

I'm looking for a portable 64-bit version of LMMS too. If anyone has the ability to make one from the source code it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I made LMMSPortable 1.20 rc7

Hey , I made LMMSPortable 1.20 rc7 from old LMMSPortable.

But , I think that it is better to be recreated it by other person who know about PortableApps.
So , can I put download link from below?

And I just joined this forum.So please tell me how to use this forum.
(noeroti , Japanese PortableApps User)

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Download and replace

You can copy in the 64-bit version of LMMS you linked and extracted with 7-Zip into LMMSPortable/App/LMMS to replace the 32-bit version. Works fine with 1.1.3 but 1.2.0 untested.

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64 bit vsts?

64 bit vsts?

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