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Concept of U3

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Anonymous (not verified)
Concept of U3

I bought a Kingston DataTraveler 1GB with U3 support and I really like the concept. However, there are still only a few software programs that support U3.

I have a bit of experience with beta testing and I am willing to offer my services in this respect and to assist with any other non-programing functions to help bring new open source products up to speed on the U3 platform.


John T. Haller
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Beta Testing


I'm working with U3 directly on porting a few apps, so we're running them through my own internal testing as well as theirs. I appreciate the offer, though, and I'll keep you in mind if we do any open beta testing in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy Mozilla Firefox for U3 and the upcoming for U3. And feel free to use the standar portable apps on your drive as well.


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Mad Money (not verified)
Why U3 in the first place ?

With PortableApps what is the need for U3 ? I am actually amazed to see the ever increasing number of U3 apps. Their popularity seems to be driven by large advertising budgets of some Flash Drive manufactures etc. It seems the software companies are getting on board so as not to be left behind. Besides requiring a new U3 now must also have a U3 software license unless Open Source.

The U3 GUI platform touts its advantages but are they real ? Transfer speeds, i.e. read/write, of U3 drives are dismal compared to conventional USB Flash Drives. With all the great PortableApps, using much faster drives...why U3 ? Could it be driven by $$ !

The question is what role is politics and money driving the U3 movement ?

ahbrown41 (not verified)
U3 is really a different

U3 is really a different technology. It is an attempt to unify the API of the usb flash drive market. Have you read the website?

Mad Money (not verified)
U3 has its problems !

The U3 website does not discuss the very slow performance of U3 enabled drives, costs, and cons of U3 etc. For a more indepth discussion see the Forum " Ceedo a U3 and PortableApps Killer? " The U3 website is ALL about marketing.

moonvine (not verified)
U3 vs standard USB flash drive questions

I use several of John's portable apps on a standard USB flash drive - mostly while traveling. Among other things I do as a retired senior citizen is teach basic computer, internet and email classes at our local senior center. The computers are open to everyone except during class time. I have yet to secure administrator log on privileges so my classes are restricted to the MS applications they have loaded. I want to introduce my students to Firefox and Thunderbird. Because of the secuity in use at the senior center I cannot make the apps on the flash drive work for my classes.

If I purchase an U3 enabled drive can I eliminate this problem as the appropriate U3 apps become available?

The U3 site makes a point of saying their implementation, if used properly, leaves no tracks (the only potential advantage I see) on the host computer. Is this true for portable apps on a standard USB flash drive?

The AV I use and like is NOD 32 by ESET. Someone has made a deal with McAfee for an U3 app. How significant is the risk of malware infection from a host computer using U3 or standard USB without an AV program loaded on the device?

John T. Haller
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You can use these or U3

Both the standard portable apps and the U3 apps "leave no trace". This means there is no personal information left behind. Both leave trace files showing the they were used on the computer (Portable Firefox, for instance, leaves a single plugins config file... U3 leaves a file called cleanup.exe)

Both my standard portable apps and the U3 apps will also work without administrative privs.

If you can't use my portable apps as-is at the senior center due to security settings, you won't be able to use U3 either.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

moonvine (not verified)
thank you

Thank you for the prompt response.

Futurepower tm
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U3 is dishonest marketing scheme?

John, it seems to me that U3 may destroy all the good will you have generated.

It seems to me that U3 is just a marketing scheme to allow USB drive manufacturers to avoid real competition. U3 drives sell for much more than the $20 after rebate that is common for 512MB drives, but they offer almost nothing more.

Your involvement with U3 gives the impression that your entire web site is a commercial venture.

If you need money, I can suggest other ways to get it.

U3 is generating serious confusion concerning portable applications. Those with no technical experience suppose that they must be getting something necessary for portability.

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Dishonest is not really the right term

Omission of alternatives is perhaps more fitting.

There is a lot of discussion and analysis on both U3 and Ceedo at and maybe its time to have one thread to address the questions and issues around these two “new entries

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Maybe underhanded is the word that you are looking for.


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