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Update to new Firefox?

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Update to new Firefox?

Sorry for a questions that's probably been asked in the past. My Firefox Portable, version 64.0, is nagging me for a while now to update to 64.0.2, but I'm not seeing an update here. I don't want to update through the browser, since it's installed on an external harddrive and I am afraid it will install on my computer. About how long will it be before the update is available here? I don't remember ever seeing this nag before. Thanks.

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Couple of Days at Most (I would guess) - No Sweat

Firefox Portable has been updated to 64.0.2 at Source Forge. This means that the new version should be on general release from PortableApps own website very soon. Past experience tells me that at most this will be in a couple of days (usually it's faster than that.) It's nothing to worry about that you don't get the latest version immediately. Be patient and it will come along.

You are right not to download and install using Firefox's own installer routine, see advice given here:

It is best not to download and install from Source Forge as it's not an official release. I stopped doing so a while ago following the advice given here: From that I learnt to just be patient too.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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