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Latest FF Doesn't Like Gmail

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Latest FF Doesn't Like Gmail

Since no one else has mentioned it that I have found, it may somehow just be me, but after the latest update (file version, 66.0.3), PP Firefox will not load Gmail, as it did before the update. It just goes to a blank, white screen.

Win 10 64-bit
Same USB, E:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable
Same computer

Haven't tried it on different machine yet. I will update if it is machine-specific.

Update: It is not machine-specific. It is showing a white blank screen for Gmail on all machines.

Update Update: I just solved the problem, by going into options, privacy and security, cookies and site data, manage data. I then removed the item, restarted the browser, and now Gmail is working.

Not sure why it glitched out after the last update...first time that has happened, but there's the fix.

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re: Latest FF Doesn't Like Gmail

Thanks for the workaround. Ultimately Google wants you to use their browser so they won't spend as much time on non-Chrome browser compatibility for their various products. I generally try Firefox ESR when this comes up, usually with positive results.

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