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Error installing RAMMap Portable 1.51

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Error installing RAMMap Portable 1.51

When you try to update RAMMap Portable to the latest version from the Portable Apps website (1.51), you get an error stating "The downloaded copy of RAMMap is not valid and can not be installed. Please try installing again." When I go to the Sysinternals site, the version of RAMMap that is available for download is 1.52. As such, the Portable Apps Updater fails to update this app.

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Well, I can't even install it

Well, I can't even install it because the online installer is invalid, they need to update it!

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New Version

That means a new version has been released by the publisher, sometimes without posting about it. In this case, our installer was for 1.51 and the publisher had 1.52 hosted. They don't include a version number in their download and just keep changing it. So, our installer correctly says its invalid as the hash doesn't match the one we verified and scanned with 60+ antivirus engines. An online installer has been built and is now mirroring for release shortly. You report outdated apps and follow along in the Outdated Apps Thread, found in the Development or Support sections and in a banner at the top when creating a new topic.

EDIT: It's been updated

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