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Importing keys for encryption

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Importing keys for encryption

When I first installed the portable in 2016 importing worked. Now I cannot import any keys using the Key Management of Enigmail. I do not get any error or anything, just nothing happens. I generated keys through Kleopatra on my desktop and use the keys with no problem. I cannot even import older keys. Is it normal for everything in the Thunderbird folder to have the security of "Read Only"? I can go thru the motions to remove that but it always goes right back. Going on vacation soon and have my portable apps on a thumbdrive and I want to use that for all my needs. Can anyone tell me what the problem is that needs to be corrected?

I'm using Windows 10 platform.

Thank you.

Update: The new key I created in Kleopatra was the CV25519 and ED25519 standard or kind of key, I read where those ellypical keys are faster and more secure now. They work fine of course in the desktop version of thunderbird but maybe the portable version or the Engimail part is not up to date enough to accept them so maybe that is why they will not be imported. If that is the case I wonder when thunderbird or the portable gpg or whatever imports will be updated to do it? Or is it a completely different problem? I successfully imported a key I created by pgp desktop 2016 so it has to be the 2215 thing.

Thank you.

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A few thoughts

A few thoughts, you said you were using Windows 10 but did not say what version of Thunderbird Portable, GPG Plugin, or Enigmail you were using. In the future, those three additional things would be more important for diagnosing your problem.

You mentioned the "2215 thing", I'm not sure what this referring to but assume it is the GPG Plugin. The GPG Plugin 2.2.17 has been available for awhile and John just added the 2.2.19 verson.

It seems changes in Firefox and Thunderbird have resulted in Thunderbird Portable being temporarily stuck at 60.9.1. If you have already upgraded to 60.9.1, are your GPG Plugin and Enigmail up to date for this version. I have NOT gone back and looked up compatability for the different versons but it is a thougt.

Of course if you do any updates, you probably want to back up your Thunderbird Portable and the portable GPG files before doing anything else. Again, just a few things to think about and take a look at.
Good luck.

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