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Flash post Jan 12

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Flash post Jan 12

Good Day,
Thank you for making this great product available. I have been able to get it working here on a few machines. To get it working I had to install Adobe Flash on the machines on which it will run. Then after Flash is installed I copy NPSWF64_32_0_0_465.dll to the firefoxportable\data\plugins folder.

Is this what others are doing? With this method will Flash continue to work post Jan 12? My understanding is that Adobe has a switch already present to prevent their installed FlashPlayer from working on Jan 12th.

Thank you

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Very unlikely

Any Flash Player plugin versions beyond will cease to function immediately on 01/12/2021 due to a killswitch/time-bomb Adobe dared to add within them. Your only hope now is to download (as soon as possible) the archived version of Flash Player plugins somewhere (requires around 380+ MB which has everything you need for Windows, Linux, and Mac, both 32-bit and 64-bit) since Adobe had the audacity to completely wipe out all of the archived versions from their site.

Also (and for now), Firefox 84.0.2 and Chrome/Chromium 87.0.4280.141 are the final versions supporting Flash Player, so take care not to update those browsers beyond those versions... unless, of course, you're concerned about security updates and stuff. However, Pale Moon, Basilisk, and maybe few other browsers will continue to support Flash Player (as long as you have the version).

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