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TeamViewerPortable closes after 5 minutes

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TeamViewerPortable closes after 5 minutes

I have been using TeamViewerPortable to support friends and family for many years.

Today I get a pop up "Your current TeamViewer plan does not include connections to customised TeamViewer modules." A bit silly because I don't have a plan.

It allows connection but forces closure after 5 minutes.

Anyone else seeing this? Did TeamViewer make a change that PortableApps needs to handle?

John T. Haller
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Ask The Publisher

The publisher packages their own PAF. It's a closed source app we don't support. You'll need to contact their support to see what's up. I haven't seen this myself but haven't used it in a couple weeks.

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Last seen: 20 hours 14 min ago
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Sent feedback to publisher, got no reply

The PortableApps version just released on August 25, 15.21.4 has the same issue - it's only useful for 5 minutes.

Edit: found an older version that (still) works 15.19.5

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Same happening here

So, the same is happening at this end, so its probably a generic change.

Makes the TeamViewer Portable App no better than a five minute advertisement?

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