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[Closed] .NET detection broken in 21.2.0 platform update

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[Closed] .NET detection broken in 21.2.0 platform update

Duplicate of:

I had an update to v 21.2.0 of the PortableApps platform today, and since that update any portable app that I have that requires .NET to run now comes up with a message that "This application requires .NET installed on the local PC to run". This message takes me to a PortableApps page to download a version of .NET, which then tells me I already have .NET installed when I try to run it.

The problem is not .NET or the app I am trying to run - it's the PortableApps platform. If I navigate to the executable location on my hard drive and run the portable app directly, it still runs exactly as expected with no issues. If I try running this same application through the PortableApps platform however, it will refuse to run and complain about not being able to find a .NET install that is definitely already there.

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This is a duplicate of here:

A fix is being pushed out soon.

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