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Trying to d/l Chrome from here = 404 error

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Trying to d/l Chrome from here = 404 error

Google Chrome Portable 64-bit Stable (Test) Version 112.0.5615.50. Click the download button produces a 404 error. The URL shown is:

P.S. Why is this even still a separate Test download? Its description has been saying for YEARS "This is a temporary test as the 64-bit package will soon be combined into the main Google Chrome Portable package as a dual-mode app."


Update: Link is working now.

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Fixed the issue.

I haven't had time to do the updates to the launcher to handle dual 32-bit/64-bit mode. It's also not the highest priority because Chrome and Chrome-based browsers aren't fully portable and can't be by design (requiring Google login, losing stuff as they move PCs, etc).

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