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Feature requests for updates

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Feature requests for updates


I have some feature requests for the upgrade process. It would be great if each update would

- install immediately after its download (and not after all other downloads have finished)
- not have to be downloaded again, if the installation didn't complete
- not have additional confirmations, if the PortableApps start menu was closed before the installation started



John T. Haller
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Some Issues

Unfortunately, we can't do installs alongside the download without rewriting the app store/updater in another language. NSIS is quite limited.

The ability to preserve installers is coming in a future release at some point.

Please leave the PA.c Platform running until the Updater / App Store activity is complete. The installers themselves are looking for the platform to be running.

You can track these here:

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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