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Thank you, John (re: Ads)

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Thank you, John (re: Ads)

I know this isn't the right platform for talking to you, but I don't know where that one is, so here goes: You told us some time ago that the ad saturation thing was temporary, to test various things, and I think everybody understood the need for exploring ways to increase the revenue of I, for one, am relieved to see that the experimental stage appears to have passed, and I just want to thank you for giving us back the site we hold dear without being bowled over by ads everywhere. I hope the revenue situation is improving. I know a lot of us are supporting the effort and appreciate the work that goes on here. Best of luck, and Merry Christmas.

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I don't think the PA people

I don't think the PA people could have picked a WORSE "ad service" to use than Ezoic. Yes, Ezoic is all "Google certified" and what-not, but study how their changes impact the website.

With Ezoic you can expect auto-run (unless your browser forces them off) videos to be shoved into wherever the Ezoic scripts want them. And those videos are not always going to be "in context" with the page content the browsing public is trying to read. Ezoic's ad blocks get inserted anywhere and everywhere across the website, including into (and interrupting) forum threads. These Ezoic "shove-ins" will shrink your screen space, forcing you to scroll to get to where you want; I had to scroll a FULL screenful just to find the "Post a Message" input blocks. And then there is that quasi-transparent page footer that Ezoic places/forces onto EVERY page.

All you need to do is study the "Page Source" choice in your browser and use the "Inspect Element" debugging function to see all the code ADDED by Ezoic.

And good luck recovering your original website code after your pages have been "Ezoic'd". I have read horror stories about that.

Look, I totally understand the need for revenue to keep things running. And seeing PA disappear because it can't afford to exist would be a shame, but there are certainly better "ad services" out there that are less intrusive to the browsing public.

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