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endell esq
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Any plans to make Basilisk Browser into a portable app.?

John T. Haller
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Interest and Permission

I'm not sure how much interest there still is in an older Firefox for with classic extension support. If others are interested, please chime in.

There is also a wrinkle of permission. It's a trademarked name and I know MoonChild/Basilisk had some dust-ups around usage with some offshoots a few years back.

For context for others, Basilisk is a Firefox-based browser that's split off from the old Firefox 52 user interface. It still supports XUL extensions and classic Firefox plugins. It was originally created by Moonchild (Pale Moon browser) but appears to have split off in 2022. I'm unsure about the underlying engine in terms of security updates.

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I would take it

as I use old Waterfox for few things I need
The problem is more that repositories for the xul extentions are mostly offline now, so unless one has some local store of them, it is not easy to use it

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

endell esq
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I have my own repository of

I have my own repository of older extensions, in fact there was a specific extension called 'just off classic addons and archives', which I also have.

I use Basilisk for some things as there are many old extensions that were better, or now no longer exist or run. One such extension is Lazarus form history.

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