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Quick Question

I just bought a sandisk 2g usb drive and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to uninstall the U3 software and format the drive? or can I just use portable apps with with the u3 still on there?

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No problem,

No problem,

Many people who use this forum moan about U3, I have no problem with it.. heres what you need to do..

1) Download SmithTechs Shortcut Creator 4U3.
2) Use it to create a shortcut to PortableApps.exe
(It will install it to your U3 Menu automatically)
3) From the U3 menu, select manage U3 Programs
4) Click to PortableApps
5) From the options offered, click "Run on insertion" then OK

When you insert the device into a USB socket it will ask you for your password (unless you have disabled it) then it will launch PortableApps.

I hope this helps.

PortableApps menu is much Better than U3, but I like U3 only for its Password Facility.


Download from:

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