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NFO Viewer Portable

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NFO Viewer Portable

This was relatively simple, and very similar to 7-Zip Portable. It's just one registry change. Please test it out. I already use it on the go.

Of course, whoever has the original image can use the layers from my PSD to make one more compatible for this site (with the PortableApps logo and such).

Since the application is not open source, I am not exactly sure how you guys feel about it. It was released by a warez group known as DAMN; they never released the source. I still think it's the best NFO viewer out there.

[Moderator RM: Link removed, as per Forum Guidelines. All apps posted must be open-source.]

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What be "NFO"?...

(see "subject", above...)

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See this...
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nice app

but is not devolped anymmore Sad

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