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Inserting a file into the read-only partition

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Inserting a file into the read-only partition

Is there a way, or program that will allow me to insert a file into the U3 Read-only (CD) partition of my flashdrive, for example: inserting a text file with my contact information on it in case I lose my flashdrive?

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There is always a way...

There has been some tests and some walk a rounds for this. Visit the U3 site and get the uninstaller.

You also need the installer and an ISO image from U3.

Unpack the ISO image, add your files, repack and make the same size ISO. Set it in the same folder as the installer. Some have found that with the ISO image in the same folder they didn't have to hack the installer, other wise the installer calls home for the image.

If the installer completes without an error, you got a new U3 package with your files.

This is the site for the full info.

Tried the hack using a PNY drive, a non-u3 drive. Got the partitions, failed on the firmware.

Did you know that the entire operating system use to fit on a 5 1/4" floppy disk!


Did you know that the entire operating system use to fit on a 5 1/4" floppy disk!

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NO !! Don't use the uninstaller .

The uninstaller will reformat your drive .
There are reports of people not being able to restore the CD-"partition"
once they have used the uninstaller.
What you should do is this : Copy the entire CD-partition,add your .txt file,
build a new ISO,save it as cruzer-autorun.ISO (for sandisk)and then place your ISO in the same folder as the LPinstaller.exe and run the program .
make sure that your ISO is no larger than 6,291,456 bytes . It doesn't matter if it is smaller, the LPinstaller will pad the ISO to this size. DO NOT USE A ISO LARGER
this will replace the original ISO with your modified one,
without reformating your drive (it will be like clicking "update" in the original launchpad) .
this method works with LPinstaller.exe ver.
I'm not sure about later versions .

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