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Password Protect Programs + Disable Access to Firefox

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Ryan McCue
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Password Protect Programs + Disable Access to Firefox

2 questions:

  1. Are there any open-source programs to password protect running of files?
  2. Is there a way to disable access to Firefox unless the Master Password is entered correctly? Otherwise, is there an extension to do it?

Note: I have searched on teh G00g1ez (sic) but couldn't find anything.
Ryan McCue
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2 crap ways of doing the

2 crap ways of doing the first thing would be:

1. Install apps in a truecrypt volume. Crap because you need truecrypt installed on host PC or admin rights to work.

2. Split firefox into random folder with random names.

Write nsis launcher that asks for password, then copies firefox back together, and runs it. On exit it splits it all back up again.

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3. Just make an installer

3. Just make an installer that asks for password, if it's correct, extracts everything to temp and runs. To protect from UniversalExtraxtor and similar programs, use an exe encryptor.

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Kevin Porter
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Or you could encrypt Firefox

Or you could encrypt Firefox (PUSS/Toucan might work...).

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