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De-wierdifyer with GIMP Poratble?

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De-wierdifyer with GIMP Poratble?

Can i use the de-wierdifyer ( with gimp portable? Ive tried and so far its not behaving - the background window will not close and when i minimise it leaves the gimp windows still maximised.

Any way round this? Im planningon using this in a school setting so the de-wierdifyer will reduce child confusion considerably!

Thanks, mel

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the de-weirdifyer doesn't

the de-weirdifyer doesn't work right on an installed version either, so i think it's an issue with the plug in

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Go to Edit->Setup and change

Go to Edit->Setup and change the Gimp Application setting to gimp-2.2.exe (or whatever your version is)

Close and restart the application and it should work fine.

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