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Word 2007 compatibility pack

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Word 2007 compatibility pack

You get a story with this request:

I'm in high school and I had to take a practice interview. I made the resume on word 2007.
Before you start flaming me about using M$ or software that cost money, please understand that I need office, because I need it for my business class, and Open Office 2 sucks. :shrug:
So I made this word document and I was too stupid to realize that the school still has word 2003. If you don't know 2003 and 2007 word save their documents in a different file format. I saved a .docx (2007 version) file on my flash drive to print at school. When I got to school and plugged the drive in, it was chicken scratch. I looked for a compatibility pack and I found this:

Unfortunately the school network at my school can't download files that are 25 mbs or bigger. Sad So I spent 2 hours working on a resume and cover letter and I can't even print it out.

I would love you guys if you could make this portable.

John T. Haller
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Can't be done.

Be sure *NOT* to use the new proprietary XML formats in Office 2007. They're not compatible with much of anything. Stick with DOC.

You can open it on the same PC you made it on and then save it as a DOC.

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Everything can be done. But

Everything can be done. But this one probably won't.

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Solution 1) There is an

Solution 1)

There is an addon for OpenOffice that allows you to open .docx

Solution 2)

There is a website that you can upload your .docx to, and it will send back a .doc

Solution 3)

Set up a VNC server on your home PC. Connect, resave file and email to your self.

I have used all 3, now I just use .odf.

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I found the website, but it

I found the website, but it sends text only. I didn't know about the addon for openoffice. Thanks for telling me.

I have a u3 drive and I thought it was the only website that had portable applications until I saw this site. I don't really like how you guys won't work on something that is shareware, but that's fine.

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Media Convert

Media Convert.

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Why don't you just make word

Why don't you just make word portable? You can still print to the network server anyways, so no need to load 2003 at all at school.


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its Microsoft, and thus planted into the system very deeply (lots of registry stuff) and AFAIK illegal.
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