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Feature Request - sub-menus for programs

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Feature Request - sub-menus for programs

I have looked and searched, but cannot find anyone else requesting this, so....

How about a feature to be able to 'categorise' the portable apps into sub-menus (as PStart can do). At present I run over 40 apps from my thumb drive and it would be so nice to be able to have sub-menus for Graphics progs, SQL progs, Viewer progs, AntiVirus progs, etc, etc

I understand the initial problem, in that the suite auto searches for progs and asking it to do this and store manual changes is a problem. Surely this feature can be integrated somehow? Or even set as an option, to override the auto search, so people can chose whether they want the suite to handle the menu or they want to handle its layout themselves?

Thanks for all the good work at PortableApps, you make my life so much easier.


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That feature

will come with the next version.
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It's possible, but not confirmed Wink
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That damn smiley

Grrr that Wink smiley...its so, erm, teasing!


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