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GIMP: Maximum nested directory?

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GIMP: Maximum nested directory?

Hello, I've noticed that when I open files that are inside many nested folders (my files are around 6 folders deep, some with longer names), GIMP crashes on file opening. Relocating the file to a shallower file structure allows me to open the file. Has anyone else seen this occurring? Is this a limitation with the GTK?

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According to John, the only officially supported and tested path is X:\PortableApps\GIMPPortable (where X is your drive letter).
But yes, I have heard of this problem before and I'm fairly sure it's a GTK or GIMP specific thing.
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Long paths are an issue in

Long paths are an issue in Windows too. I tried to copy/paste a set of files out of the deepest folder in the installed version of OpenOffice, and I got an error saying "Invalid Path!", but if i copied the files one at a time it worked.
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