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Secure Pidgin - portable?

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Secure Pidgin - portable?

I don't remember who was talking about this on this forum, so I decided to start a new topic...

I found this that is supposed to be an encripted/secure pidgin... I don't know if it's totally GPL (at least pidgin is) and I don't know if it's portable or can be made portable... I'm just posting for information on interested people, since somebody in the past talked about this feature with pidgin.

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Pidgin Encrypt

If you check the beta forums where the Beta 1 of Pidgin 2.0.2 is being done, there's an installer for the Pidgin Encrypt plugin on there. That enables secure, encrypted IM. Haven't tried SILC so I don't know how its plugin works. OTR used to be the encryption method of choice for Gaim Portable, but the new release is un-portable, so we're recommending Pidgin Encryption now.

UPDATE: SILC is included in Pidgin itself, so no need to think about it as an add-on.

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