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Thunderbird Vista problems - Help!

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Thunderbird Vista problems - Help!

I downloaded Thunderbird U3 and it runs fine on my XP machine. When I try to run it on a Vista machine, after asking for permission twice I get an error message saying it cant find the exe. This is a serious problem for me. The other more stupid (on my part) thing is that I set up TB to handle all my mail but made the dumb mistake of moving all my yahoo and gmail to the usb with Thunderbird and the originals were deleted. Is there a quick way of getting these back into Yahoo or Gmail (I doubt it). Also if there is no way to run the u3 version under vista does antone know if just the portable app will run under vista?

I'm using the latest U3 versio and my other U3 apps run fine under Vista


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The U3 Apps.

Should go in the U3 forum, and I'm quite sure they are no longer supported for various reasons. Someone may be able to help you still.

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U3 possible problems

I was just reading on the Kingston site this morning, looks like not all U3 drives are Vista compliant. If you look here:, at the bottom it says that while the 8GB version does work with Vista, the smaller capacity versions do not. Only problem with the 8GB version is that its read and write speeds are considerably slower then the lower capacity drives. Hopefully this may point you in the right direction.

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