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Autorun Thunderbird?

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Autorun Thunderbird?

Does anyone know how to make Thunderbird startup automatically when the USB drive is plugged in? I don't want to install any programs on my work computer, and that is where I mostly use it.
Any help is appreciated.

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John T. Haller
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If it's WinXP SP2, an autorun.inf should semi-work. If you currently get the prompt of what to do with options (like copy photos, open in explorer, etc) when you plug it in, that is. Otherwise, you can't without altering your work PC's configuration.

If you do get the above-mentioned prompt, create a text file in the root of your drive called autorun.inf with the following:

Action=Open Portable Thunderbird

When you plug it in, you'll still get the prompt above, but the first option will be Open Portable Thunderbird with the TB icon.

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Promote and Pre

@John: Can you make this a sticky or something? The question of autorun has popped up quite a bit, and this is the best response I've seen so far.

P.S.: You forgot to change from code to pre tags...

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