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addons etc are installed local

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addons etc are installed local

It seems like all addons are installed in %APPDATA%: when I start FF Portable for the first time, it creates a directory %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox, and it saves all addons, passwords, ... in this directory.

I installed FF Portable, installed all addons etc on one computer, but when I try to run FF Portable on another computer, no addons are installed at all.

This is not really what I had in mind for a "portable" app. :S

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Works for everyone else. Try

Works for everyone else. Try reading the support page here for FFp.


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Few things

1. What version are you using?
2. What operating system?
3. Where did you install it? (X:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable is recommended)
4. You are running FirefoxPortable.exe and NOT Firefox.exe, right?
5. You're not setting it as the default browser, right?
6. Don't be an ass with comments like 'This is not really what I had in mind for a "portable" app' if you want any help from unpaid volunteers. If you don't want our help, then by all means continue with that.

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I think he was joking

I think he was joking regarding #6...":S" is sorta an attempt at a smiley.

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