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Launch VLC Portable from HTML

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Launch VLC Portable from HTML

Being an amateur not afraid of HTML code and command line, Smile I have the following multimedia project:

I will burn AVI files on a DVD, all of them having two audio-tracks. As many users having Windows Media Player associated with AVI on their PCs cannot separate the two audio-tracks, an on-disc VLC Portable should play these, regardless what media-player is associated with AVI files on their PCs.

An auto-run startup HTML page would list all the AVI files and there would be 2 separate links for each to launch the on-disc VLC playing them with audio-track #1 or #2. The command-lines for it look like this:

vlc.exe lecture01.avi --fullscreen --audio-track 0
vlc.exe lecture01.avi --fullscreen --audio-track 1 --volume=384
vlc.exe lecture02.avi --fullscreen --audio-track 0
vlc.exe lecture02.avi --fullscreen --audio-track 1 --volume=320


My question is how to create an HTML link that launches this command line in an external VLC program-window? How can this be done without the browser popping up an "Open or Save" dialog-box or any security question? What is the solution that does not take installing anything on the user's PC, works just from the disc.

I know that launching an executable from HTML is very risky. In this case it should only work with the on-disc vlc.exe being in the same directory as menu.html. There must be a way as there are install and demo CDs that have similar program launching links.

Maybe it is rather a question to be asked on a programmers’ forum, but there might be experts here who have already done this, and others interested in using VLC Portable this way.

José Pedro Arvela
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What you want is a Web page that then has a link that opens that command line and VLC, right?
Dunno about it, JavaScript, but isn't easier to make a batch file for that, with a link for opening it? And I think that those demo CDs are in Flash.

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