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Portable Podcast player request...

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Portable Podcast player request...

Why not a podcast player portable?

There is one here...

But it needs to be "portabilized" on paf format...

from the site:
If you want to listen to podcasts, this program is for you. Juice is the premier podcast receiver, allowing users to capture and listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere.

And... BTW...
Juice is free because we want to allow open access to this new network. We feel this new way of getting content should be available for everyone, not controlled by commercial interests. Our software is "free software," part of the new paradigm of sharing across the Internet, and licensed under the GPL. If our code is used by other people in their software, their code also becomes open. A viral effect!

EDIT: OUCH! in the same webpage of portable armagetron ( I found a Juice portabilized in French... Blum

EDIT 2: I just read on mypodder (for U3) that it can be loaded in any PDrive... and it's freeware... sorry... don't need it anymore... Blum

EDIT 3: Hey Ryan, Have Some Patience, SmithTech, pkeffect... Why not take juicy portable in french (is easy to change to english, I have it in Spanish already) and make a new paf style launcher and launch screen? Wink

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take a look. Smile

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Ryan McCue
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I was working on this at one point, but I gave up on it for various reasons.

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me how to make the paf format, and a splash screen and I'll do it... Biggrin

I already have the launcher... lol

I know the paf format is explained here, but it is not explained like a 4 years old boy... Wink

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