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From FirefoxPortable on Windows to Firefox on Ubuntu

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From FirefoxPortable on Windows to Firefox on Ubuntu

Hi, I'd like to move my entire profile (not only the settings and bookmarks, but also, and expecially, the dozens of extensions I installed in PortableFirefox) on the Firefox installation that I have on Ubuntu (not portable, that is).
I tried to use the FEBE extension, but I wasn't able to select any profile to which restore the .fbu file, when it asks you for it.
I tried to copy the profile directory from C:\FirefoxPortable\... into $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/???.default, but then, when I start Firefox into Ubuntu, I have the bookmarks, but no extensions (the extensions appear in the list under Tools->Add-ons, but when I click on 'Preferences' of each one, nothing happens, and anyway the extensions widgets don't appear on the menues, bars,...).
How can I do it?
Thanks a lot

José Pedro Arvela
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If there is a search function, there is some reason.

It's probably a corrupt extensions.rdf file (or something similar). Delete that file on your copied local installation and restart Firefox. That way Firefox will have to rebuild that file and will correctly use the extensions.

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