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DivX Web Plugin

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DivX Web Plugin

Anyone had any luck installing the DivX web plugin?

Mine just doesn't want to work.
I first went through the auto-install process, and that *seemed* to go ok, but even after a restart it was still inviting me to install the plugin.
Then I went and downloaded the executable installer from and installed the thing on my desktop. Still no luck.
I guess I need to somehow tell FF where to look for the plugin but I'm not sure where to do that.
Anyone care to have a go themselves can start here:


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Fix for the problem

I dont care what people say they keep debating on where the plugins go.. blah blah. I found out putting the DLLs in the same folder as Firefox itself makes the videos load. It will probably give you the nag screen 1 more time about installing the plugin but once it runs.. it works. That has been the way i fixed this problem on several installs of Portable Firefox. Maybe its just me.. but thats the only way I have found to make it work and it works every time.

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