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Adding Yahoo! buddy to Pidgin on MSN protocol?

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Adding Yahoo! buddy to Pidgin on MSN protocol?

I use Pidgin with MSN protocol.

Windows Messenger Live currently allows users to add a Yahoo! address to friend list.
However, it doesn't work with Pidgin.

When I want to add a friend who used Yahoo! address, I got a message:
" is not a valid passport account"

Is there a way to work around that? I don't have a Yahoo! account.


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That would be

better to ask on the pidgin help section of their site, here:

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If you're using the current

If you're using the current PortableApps version, it's outdated. It's possible that this feature was fixed in a newer version (although I looked through the changelog and didn't see anything specifically about it. You may want to go to the forums and ask there.

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I don't have a Yahoo! account.

No, I don't believe so. Bear with me if my understanding isn't right but I believe you can't. Reason being the fact that pidgin accesses each network individually. There is no pidgin account. So your Yahoo friends would be on the Yahoo server, MSN friends on the MSN server, etc etc. Neither of the servers interact. My suggestion create a Yahoo acount. It doesn't cost anything and you don't have to use it for email. The only reason I use pidgin is because I have so many friends on so many accounts. It's a really painless solution. Add the Yahoo account and when you add a buddy just select add to Yahoo account and it will work.

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Jacobm001, MSN and Yahoo

Jacobm001, MSN and Yahoo servers do interact. If you have a MSN account, you can add Yahoo buddies to your MSN messenger buddy list and chat with them with out having a Yahoo account. Yahoo users can do the same thing, they can add MSN buddies to their Yahoo messenger and chat with them without having an MSN account. This feature was added to the most recent versions of MSN and Yahoo messengers.

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