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Two problems after transferring profile - Solved

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Two problems after transferring profile - Solved

I'm new to PortableApps and I love 'em.

Set up TBird and copied my profile from Thunderbird to PortableTB. When I restarted PortableTB I noticed two problems.

First, there is a red message at the bottom of the Thunderbird window - menu id="offlineMenuItem" insertafter="trashMenuSeparator" label="&offlineMenu.label;" accesskey="offlineMenu.accesskey;"----^. I have no idea where to start looking for the problem.

The second problem is in the message window below the message subjects. The text does not wrap with the window but requires a full screen width (perhaps 150 characters) before it will wrap. I can find no way to control it.

Any ideas?


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what does the message say and what is the second problem

Please search before posting. ~Thanks

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Is the message

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Oops, my bad.

There was a character in the error message that was cutting off the message. Sorry.

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Not sure what I did but...

I finally, in desperation, removed Portable TB and completely reinstalled it. I then checked it to make sure it was functioning properly. I then transferred my profile over and it is working fine.

A point about transferring the profile. Some have said to just copy what is in the main profile directory. That doesn't work. In my profile directory I have a profile with a cryptic name. I had to open that directory and copy all the file in the directory to my PTB profile directory. Then it worked.

I even tried editing the config file to point to the cryptic profile name, but as soon as I started PTB it reverted back to the default.

But all is working now so I'm happy...


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cryptic name ...

of what kind? I glad it worked, but I was just wondering what file name would muck it up so just a folder copy didn't work? Did it have symbols? It's just a word, so I don't understand why it would matter.

I'm also wondering why you would try to change the config file to point to a different profile. Was your profile folder not in the default location?

I had played around with putting the 'Local Folders' in another location, so I could back up the folder separately, but eventually just decided to move it back to the default location on TBP so it would be automatically backed up when I use the PAM Backup utility.

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