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Putting A Christmas Present Together

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Putting A Christmas Present Together

Now that I'm becoming an old fart, I can honestly say that I'm damned impressed with what you kids have put together. You can't see the change from my perspective so you'll have to trust me; you're doing a great job.

I've had nothing but good experiences with the suite until I recently upgraded Thunderbird.

Now, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't jump on me to RTFM lest I jump back and all hell breaks loose. No one wants that.

The thing is, everything was going just fine with PortaBird until I recently upgraded.

I'm trying to make a few stable flash drives that I can give as presents. I've got an entire family of semi-geeks that wouldn't see such a thing coming so I want to get it right.

After the upgrade, everything seems to work except for the display.
There's no scroll bar for the messages and...

Well, hell. Lemme just show you a screen grab.

Before you ask, I've downloaded and re-installed twice just to make sure a bit wasn't dropped during xfer.

Show me how I'm being a doink. I won't take it personally.


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Youre not the only one

having that problem Smile
See here for the solution:

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A starting point!

That's pretty much what I needed to get a view of the Big Picture. Now I'll do my best impression of Sherlock in order to solve my specific instance of this malady.

Seems as though that Offline bugger is the culprit.

In my gray bar, I can read:

menu id="offlineMenuItem" insertafter="trashMenuSeparator" label="&offlineMenu.label;" accesskey="

I've followed instructions regarding control panel and showing hidden files and folders, looked for files referenced via, performed a search of the thumb drive for instances of various portions of the above string...

So far, no luck.

I'm sorry to say that the semi-geeks (for whom I intended these gifts) will have various reasons for considering the effort to be greater than the benefit.

A global update is the best option.

Still, an interesting puzzle. I'll keep working on a local solution.


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right, just started to try

right, just started to try and find out which files I did delete... cannot remember exactly... but you'll have to find the Offline jar file and delete it. Did another one, will have a go at it tomorrow (it's 01:30 am right now...) I think I can replicate the problem and post back what I did to solve it.


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