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Universal Application Launcher

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Universal Application Launcher

Portable Apps use of a launcher for Xamp made me think of this one. where the use of a launcher is used because it's better for xamp to be in the / directory. My thought however is for a Universal Launcher for applications that can just be placed in the PortableApps/ folder in there own folder such as /PortableApps/Blender3D/ but once you do you find two or more iconts to the application, and when you have several applications you don't want multiple icons for each one. My thought on the launcher would be to allwo to drop this launcher into a given folder such as /PortableApps/Blender3D/ rename the UnivLauncer.exe to Blender3D.exe (the launcher ofcourse). Then have a config file you could edit by hand, or if someone is really inspired, have an Editor for it. but would have the basics as show below in a file called config.ini

appName = Blender3D;
appIcon = blender3D.ico;
appPath = /PortableApps/Blender3D/AppSubdir/Blender3D.exe;
appWorkingDir = /PortableApps/Blender3D/AppSubdir/

Blender3D was just an Example for this suggestion as it's one application I use a lot that hasn't been converted to a Portable App.

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Already Some Attempts

There's already been some attempts at this, and some done well. Just need to search the forum.

However, tanisthalon is already working on a portable package of Blender, search these forums for it.

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