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Celestia Portable-GPL'ed Astronomy Application,is it possible?

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Celestia Portable-GPL'ed Astronomy Application,is it possible?

I have Celestia on my Windows XP,it's GPL'ed Astronomy Application and to tell you it's goddamn great!!!!But there's a problem it's 3 Dimensional so I travel through the Universe and Bookmark planets,galaxies,moons and other such sundry things....I would love to see a Portable version of Celestia as I would be able to carry the entire Universe in my Pen Drive and Go to any computer including those of my friends and show them the exact locations I have found....This is the site from where I downloaded this software....
it's 30.33 MB in size,takes up that much space i.e. the desktop version,can there be a portable version of Celestia as well?,God knows this Windows is so used to crashing and I don't like losing Bookmarks and other data as I don't like losing my applications....Hmmm Just remembered was going through some posts,don't know which one and someone said that freeware applications will be made available soon for PortableApps along with Open Source Softwares,is this true???!!!If so I would love to see Ccleaner,IZArc,Opera,Recuva,Defrag on my PortableApps menu,if not who cares...Open Source Softwares beat Propriety Application whether free or not any day and if it is going to happen hip hip hurray!!!! but please help me out with this Celestia thing,is it going to happen,can it happen,will it happen,when will it happen? And one last question,I am seeing Updates of the current applications are coming out as well as WinMerge has just joined the list of applications on PortableApps,what all new applications are gonna come out in the coming months?

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Wow...there's a lot in that

Wow...there's a lot in that post lol. Kind of hard to follow, but I think it's a request for Celestia.

There is a Stellarium Portable which is a similar application, but I don't know if Stellarium can view the whole universe/galaxy.

As for the freeware apps, there will be some coming eventually. We don't know when or what they are, John has to finish ironing out the details with the freeware developers.

As for updates/new apps, all existing apps are being updated to their latest versions, and new apps will be the apps that Ryan has been working on for quite some time, but never became official, as well as some apps that Patrick has made portable. I'm sure there are others that John is doing, but none of us know what those are.

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Stellarium & Celestia do different things

Stellarium is a planetarium software, you pick a location on Earth, it can show you what the sky looks like at any date & time.

Celestia, allows you to travel around the universe as if you were on a spaceship that travels almost infinitely fast, and to the extent that we know what remote objects look like, you can see them.

They're both really cool and definitely fill different niches.

I also use both portably now, and I haven't had any problems that I can remember...

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