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GIMP: Help :)

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GIMP: Help :)

This was partly covered already, I just had a little bit to add. First of all I wanted to says thank you to John and all who help. This is a wonderful website with a ton of stuff... Couldn't be happier.

Everytime I run Portable Gimp, I get a .gtk-bookmarks and a .fonts.cache file added to "My Documents" And after I have a opened up a picture. I get a .thumbnails folder. Just wondering if anyone else was experiancing this as well and wondering about a possible fix Smile

Thanx All

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As do I...

Me too! Also (not related to GIMP) AbiWord adds an "AbiSuite" folder and also file extensions to the registry Sad

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Known problems

The only way to stop it is to make a userprofile directory within the PortableGIMP directory.
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