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Unable to startup

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Unable to startup

I have the latest OpenOffice Portable version installed on my USB Flashdisk as per its default settings.

Actually, this is my second installation after having discovered the perils of using NTFS as Filesystem for a USB Flash Drive. It is now formatted as FAT32 with all the applications reinstalled via Portable installers (*.paf).

My initial install on NTFS worked like a charm, unfortunately it isn't the same now. The problem is everytime I run OO the application returns an error saying "Unable to start application. Unable to set language for interface."

How should I resolve this? Right now I'm trying to 'patch' OO folder with my initial install on NTFS which I backed up just in case (not using PortableApp's Backup service).

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I think

its a good idea to just use an old backup.
Did you try reinstalling OpenOffice?
But maybe some of your personal data is corrupted. I'd try to back up the copy I have and reinstall.
Hope that helps. Its a little difficult to figure out what is wrong as I've never seen that particular error and so has google. Smile

And welcome here Smile

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