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Cannot copy Firefox to another drive...

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Cannot copy Firefox to another drive...

I just setup my Portable FireFox on my hd with all extentions and themes. I then tried to copy it to my USB, and don't know (also can't find any info on any forums) if its a known problem, but it won't load from the USB.

I need it clik on the icon a few times and delete a few processes from task manager before it will load. And when it does, some extensions and themes aren't loaded.

It works fine if I set everything up from scratch from the USB. The same problem occurs when i copy my setup PFF to another USB drive.

Can anyone tell me if its a limitation of PFF or am i doing something wrong.


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I knowthat I can't seem to launch it off of my iPod but I can off of my USB key. I also know that the more stuff you put into it extension and theme wise, the slower it launches. I sometimes have to wait about 15 to 20 seconds for it to load and bring up the browser and thats from the Desktop.

I would experimant with a plain vanilla PFF on the drive and see if the same problems. If it has the same prblems then I would say that there is something wrong maybe with how your KeyFob is used by the system. It may boil down to not being able to use it from the Fob. It may also bee one of your add-ons that is causing your problem as well. Process of elimination is what i recommend for you on this one.

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