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winMd5Sum does not pass MD5 check

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winMd5Sum does not pass MD5 check

The file downloaded does not have the same MD5 as the one posted on the download page.

Thank you

Tim Clark
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Are you sure ?

Welcome to Smile

The page states:


I just checked it with another program and got:


Are you perhaps looking at the Checksum of the resultant file after the install?


By the way the program I used was:

MD5 Checksum Tool
by Mark Gillespie

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kinda funny...

md5sum portable fails it's own md5sum check!


Patrick Patience
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Lol, Yeah

Pretty ironic.

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The most common reason for a

The most common reason for a failed download is right-clicking on the download button, instead of left-clicking on it to go to SourceForge where the download happens automatically.

The next most common reason is that the download was corrupted, which is why we use an MD5 sum.

I suppose it's also possible you are using the previous file, not the Rev2 file; the MD5 hash for the two files will be different. Or maybe you are taking the MD5 sum of the winMd5Sum.exe file, where the MD5 hash on the download page is for winMd5Sum_Portable_1.0.1.55_Rev_2.paf.exe -- and since they are different files, their hashes should be different.

You can also right-click on the file (winMd5Sum_Portable_1.0.1.55_Rev_2.paf.exe) and see if there is a valid Digital Signature. If there is no signature tab, the file is corrupt. (Older versions didn't have a sig, so they aren't necessarily corrupt if none displays.) If the signature is valid and the MD5 hash is not the same, something very strange is going on.

If none of the comments resolves the issue, you could post the MD5 hash you got
on winMd5Sum_Portable_1.0.1.55_Rev_2.paf.exe, and what tool you used to get it.


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